Rotterdam is ‘hot’ and Katendrecht features the best the city has to offer. The Havenkwartier features all ingredients that make the Kaap so exciting. A distinctive building in the heart of the peninsula – adjacent to the quay of the Maashaven – with homes in all shapes and sizes; for every phase of life. The Havenkwartier is the last residential project that will be realised in the heart of Katendrecht. The last opportunity to become an island inhabitant at this unique location. Will you steal the last place?


In total, the Havenkwartier features 36 single-family homes, 14 hangar homes, 150 apartments, 1 commercial property, 2 roof gardens and a private car park. Each type of home is available in several varieties. And thus offers many options. 

For instance, some homes give you the chance to relax in your own garden, but also allow you to meet your neighbours in one of the communal gardens. This helps to create an intimate and vibrant neighbourhood where you feel at ease, as well as a safe environment for children to play. And this combination is what makes it a fantastic place to live for all residents.


Families are able to choose from a generous range of three or four storey single-family homes, measuring between ca. 145 m2 and ca. 260 m2. In addition, you are able to choose a location that best suits you: next to the Brede Hilledijk or the park, or even both. Hangar homes located against the quay almost all have three great outdoor areas and a private garage with space for two cars. The other homes have a private parking space in the car park. But the space can also be used to park your bike or cargo bike. You will also be able to access three bike sheds in the cellar of the apartments.


There is great variety in the luxury apartments. So if you want a particular surface area or view, there is a good chance of you finding the perfect apartment. Would you prefer a view of the Maashaven or Rijnhaven? Or would you like to look across several parts of the city? Everything is possible. You can also opt for one or two floors. The maisonettes are very spacious, which makes them an attractive option for families. You can simply park your car in the car park on the ground floor or in the basement (level 1). The ground floor of the car park also features a bike shed, which can be used for wide bikes and cargo bikes. And another three bike sheds are found in the basement of the apartments. They can be accessed directly by lift from one of the three main entrances. 


Living in the Havenkwartier is futureproof living; in a sustainable home which will still be effective in many decades’ time. We have used various sustainable measures to meet current requirements and anticipate those of the future.


Instead of a non-sustainable gas connection, all homes will feature a connection to the district heating grid. Underfloor heating will be the main source of heating. So no ugly radiators! Besides heating, all homes will also be equipped with cooling, so you will also have a pleasant indoor climate during the summer.


For the most part, the roof of the Havenkwartier will feature solar panels. However, the clean electricity generated be these panels will not be enough to heat all homes. Therefore, this electricity will be used for communal areas, which will help to keep service costs to a minimum. The single-family homes will also be fitted with solar panels. Areas that are not used for solar panels will be transformed into green roofs. This gives the apartments a nice look and is also sustainable!


Sustainability is also about ensuring a pleasant temperature inside your home. Blinds help to keep out bright sunlight, so it does not become too hot indoors. But they also stop your interior from fading. With this in mind, the design has taken into account the possibility of installing blinds. If you buy an apartment with south and west facing windows, you have the choice of installing optional blinds (vertical screens).


All homes in the Havenkwartier will be well insulated. The roof, walls and floors will feature a thick layer of insulation, so heat and cold cannot easily enter or escape from your home. This will save you a lot of energy, which is good for the environment and good for your wallet!


A private garden that is almost seventeen metres deep. Two green communal roof gardens; one on the first floor and one on the seventh. Residents can enjoy their own garden or spacious patio, but can also meet one another in the communal courtyard, the garden or the park where several single-family homes are located. This helps to create an intimate and lively neighbourhood, where children can play safely outside. Many of the apartments have been perfectly positioned so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning maritime views after a busy day at work. And if you want even more greenery, you can simply cross the road to the Kaappark. This combination of diverse greenery, homes and residents will help to create a pleasant residential environment. 


Do you need to go to work or school, or quickly pop into town or visit another city? Whatever your destination, it will be easy to reach from the Havenkwartier. And you can decide how!

By bike, car, public transport, water bus, water taxi or… one of the electric cars. If you buy a home in the Havenkwartier, you will be exclusively entitled to use two shared electric cars*. Two places for these shared vehicles have been permanently reserved in the (private) car park. Extra electric cars may also be deployed in the public area around the Havenkwartier in the future. Naturally, you will also be able to use them. The shared cars offer nothing but benefits: no CO2 emissions, handy if you need to go shopping and a great addition to the very wide public transport network. It is also very easy to reserve one of the electric cars. This can simply be done via an app. 

*The cars are the property of the car-sharing provider. The electric cars are being offered as an extra service and are part of an introductory offer. If, for whatever reason, it is not possible to supply these shared cars, you will not be entitled to make any form of claim against Heijmans.


It is well known that the Havenkwartier offers many types of homes. This means various target groups will find their dream home in this project. But did you know that we can also cater for your interior design preferences? The interior design experts at Doen will be pleased to help you to realise your wishes. We have even set up a whole customisation process for buyers of single-family homes.

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