Warehouse loftappartments

Warehouse loftappartments have 3 residential located immediately against the quay (Maashaven side) and have (with the exception of building number 39) 3 outdoor areas! Despite being in direct contact with the quay, you can still enjoy the required privacy in the south-facing winter garden (ca. 0.5 m higher than the quay). Living and working can be combined effectively in a Hangar home. The ground floor offers enough space to create a dining kitchen measuring over 30 m2, which offers direct access to the winter garden. However, it is also possible to move the kitchen to the 1st floor and to use the space on the ground floor to create a workshop or home office. The 1st floor features a living room measuring ca. 65 m2. The bedrooms are located on the 2nd floor, together with 2 bathrooms. Warehouse loftappartments give you a lot of freedom and space, as well as a comprehensive view of the quay and Maashaven. And to top things off, all Warehouse loftappartments (except building number 39) have a private garage with enough space for two cars. This garage is immediately next to the home. Ideal for a large family, or for a home office, studio or workshop. Tailor-made living options possible. Warehouse loftappartments  offers living space of ca. 230 m2 to ca. 233 m2.


  • from ca. € 872,500 deed in hand, incl. parking space
  • 3 residential levels in home 7.20 metres wide
  • 5 or 6 rooms (3 or 4 bedrooms)
  • spacious dining kitchen with winter garden
  • 2 or 3 outdoor areas (winter garden, balcony, roof garden)
  • immediately on the quay


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