Pure, raw and a hive of activity. Katendrecht has character. This can primarily be attributed to the presence of water, as well as direct links to the history of port industry. But also to the existing factories: concrete giants that traditionally define the whole peninsula and form a rugged and robust image. 

Even though the area’s glorious past is still visible and tangible, new developments and hard work are helping to shape the future of Katendrecht. For example, quays – where ships once moored and goods were loaded and unloaded – are now being transformed into an inspirational recreational area where people meet one another and/or enjoy the views and healthy outdoor air. The centre of the Kaap, which was once a stamping ground for sailors, is now home to light and airy residential tower blocks featuring safe playing areas for children. The Havenkwartier is helping to rejuvenate Katendrecht, but has remained true to the area’s rough and unpolished character. That’s what the people of Rotterdam love. This makes the Havenkwartier the ideal place for people who want to live in the city. From starters and yuppies to senior citizens, Kaap inhabitants and families with children. 


Katendrecht’s illustrious past earned it nicknames like the maritime quarter, the red light district and Chinatown. As a result, the idea of moving to the Kaap was unthinkable for many people. The people of Rotterdam mainly talked about the neighbourhood’s social problems. This lasted until around fifty years ago, when large-scale renovations, new homes and an attractive mix of residents helped to transform Katendrecht into a bustling location. But without losing its rough edges. And that is exactly what makes Katendrecht the ideal place to live for many people. 

Many creative entrepreneurs are enriching the Kaap with their unique restaurants, shops, coffee bars, ice cream salons, etc. This means you can literally experience Katendrecht’s new atmosphere. For example, eat Thai food at Delibird, typical Dutch food at C.E.O. baas van het vlees, Belgian food at Kwizien or French food at bistro du Bac. And buy fresh cheese, bread, coffee, delicious Kaap beer or one of the many other artisanal products at the Fenix Food Factory. Or enjoy a pleasant evening at the Walhalla theatre or on the SS Rotterdam!


The Kaap will continue to develop in the coming years and witness the arrival of new hospitality facilities, shops for your daily groceries and many cultural organisations. That is why the Kaap remains attractive for a mix of urban inhabitants. From starters to families, from two-income households to senior citizens. They all share a passion for Rotterdam and living between its maritime infrastructure.




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